Saturday, May 24, 2008


There is a lot of debate on the use of foams in the culinary world. Most comments I've heard are on their over use. Until today I hadn't attempted a foam because I didn't want to jump the band wagon. I like the idea of a light airy sauce but wasn't sure what application to use it with. We started a tuna trio appetizer featuring tuna tartar, sashimi and a lightly seared tuna. For the sashimi we were serving a ponzu as a dipping sauce. I thought it might be fun to foam the ponzu for a little more plate appeal. I can't believe I didn't use a foam before. Not only does the foam add the light airy whisp of ponzu but the practicality of it works with the dish. As one dips the sashimi into a liquid ponzu and pulls it out the majority of the ponzu runs off leaving a faint trace of the flavor. The foam, being gelled, actually sticks to the piece of tuna lending more flavor to the tuna. Not to mention the light brown color looks pretty sexy on the plate.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lambcetta Revisited

Our lambcetta cured correctly. We hung it and dryed it. I was using a recipe from Michael Rulhman's Book Charcuterie but there recipe uses pork. The ratios were a little off and the Lambcetta was too salty. I will start again and shorten our intial cure time and a little less salt.


We are working on a new dessert menu as well. We have been featuring a chocolate terrine as a special that will definetly make it on the menu.
We use Cordillero single origin Colombian chocolate %71 cocoa. This stuff is amazing and really pulls a lot of fruit flavors from the soils in the Colombian mountains. On the plate we have raspberry sauce, creme anglaise and pistachio praline. I can't stop munching on the praline. It really is addictive.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Spain Family Farms

I was lucky enough to have the Spain Family walk into my old restaurant one day with some of the best looking Shiitake mushrooms I have ever seen. They soak about 900 oak logs and their season has just started They are an extremely nice family and are right in Raleigh. We are going to use them for all of our shiitake recipes we already have and a few specials.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

THings have been a little busy with the lead up to Mother's day and Graduation here in Chapel Hill. I promise to post more soon. Right now I am working on a new menu for Dinner as well as a new dessert menu. When they are done you all will be the first to knew.