Monday, December 8, 2008


Right now I can't get enough of our Harissa aioli or our harissa in general. I put it on a lot of things I eat for meals. A staff favorite is our harissa aioli with our french fries. While it traditionally is very spicy, ours is not. We try not to kill our guests with heat. Anyway, I hadn't posted any recipes in a while so I hought I'd share ours. Make this at home and it will keep for a good while. you will find endless uses for it. Burgers, Chicken, fish etc.


Piquillo pepper150 G
Tomato Paste100 G
Cumin50 g
Coriander50 g
Carraway50 g
Crushed Red Pepper15 G
Salt20 G
Smoked paprika20 G
Lime Juice3 ea
Olive Oil300ml

Toast cumin, coriander, and carraway. Grind in the spice grinder until powder. Grind Crushed Red pepper until powder. Place all ingredients in the food processor and puree until super smooth.

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