Friday, April 11, 2008

Steak and Eggs

I am a big fan of breakfast food. I am a big fan of breakfast food for dinner. I saw a picture of a method of poaching eggs on Ideas In Food. It was a picture of an egg pursed in saran wrap. I thought it was really brilliant and this spawned my thoughts of breakfast for dinner. Add on top of that a real craving for hashbrowns and you get a complete dish.

We got in Harris Ranch all natural ribeyes. Great quality and all natural. I broke of the Cap where are the best parts of the ribeye are. Using Activa I "glued" the muscle into rounds and cut steaks. We seared them and served with with a truffled poached egg, hashbrowns and sauce perigueux. Wow what a first course. Here is a picture. I will have a better camera tomorrow and I will post a more detailed picture then. But I couldn't wait.

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