Sunday, June 1, 2008

De-Boning Lamb Loin

We had the opportunity of having one of our purveyors come in and demo us on de-boning a lamb loin. For those of you wondering what is lamb loin, I'll give you a brief description. Lamb loin is the saddle of meat just below the rib cage on the back of the lamb. In America the lamb loin come cut with the last rib bone still attached. The ribs towards the head are what you would eat when you eat French racks and crowns. After de-boneing the lamb loin you end up with what is equal too 2 lamb NY strips and 2 lamb tenderloins. We left the top 2 loins attached and rolled them for our special. Here is a sequence of Will who works for Halpern's our sole beef supplier. Will is a former chef and butcher and was very kind to show us this technique.

1. Lamb loin before trimming.
2. Cleaning the underside of excess fat

3. Here we have cut away the tenderloins and are working on pulling away the short loin from the spinal cord.
4. Here the whole spinal cord has been removed and we are left with the 2 short loins still intact.

5. Here is our finished product. We ended up stuffing this with mint chimichurri and we served with chevre gnocchi sauteed with baby arugala, tomato butter and smoked shitake relish.

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