Friday, March 14, 2008

Agar and Shrimp Chorizo

I was really excited today to work on our Amuse Bouche for the night. I had had the idea written on our dry erase board for a while but I was waiting on one essential element: Agar. Agar is a hydrocolloid or to other people a gelling agent. Agar is all natural and derived from certain types of seaweed. The great thing about agar is that it's melting point once gelled is around 185F. So like the jello you were served as a kid which melted in your mouth Agar will not allowing you to make gels which can be served hot.

We first started by making shrimp chorizo. A mixture of pureed and chopped shrimp. I got the recipe from Alex and Aki at Ideas in Food. Really simple but I don't have activa so I used 1 egg white. Here are two pictures one of the mixture piped before rolling and the other the "sausages" are poaching.

We put the shrimp chorizo with a hot cauliflower cube, chipotle powder and chives. I loved the look of this dish and we had a lot of fun send these out. Here is the picture. We will be serving this tomorrow as well.

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