Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Chef's do make mistakes

Sometimes we do make mistakes and experiments go south. I rushed to fast when working on or pommes maxim yesterday for the amuse bouche and had to change gears mid shift. The good thing is I know why the potatoes didn't work. We always learn from our mistakes. We still made the de-constructed Shepard's pie for the Amuse Bouche. Instead of the thin crispy pommes maxim we ended up making pommes Dauphine. To make the Dauphine we took some Grana Padano water as our cooking medium for the potatoes before pureeing them. It added a really nice subtle cheese flavor to the potatoes making them a perfect topper for the Shepard's pie. People really enjoyed seeing an Irish Flag on the plate going to every table. Here are our three vegetables, peas, cauliflower, and carrots.

School is back from spring break so it's back to business as usual. Here we are plating bouches for a 25 person party. It was a hectic night but a good one nonetheless.
In the end, although we do make mistakes, I beleive it is how we react to them as chefs. I've seen it all from screaming to cussing to removing oneself to the solitude of a cooler to yell and scream. I used to to these things but found myself only with less time to correct the problems at hand. Now, I just change gears and keep moving forward.

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