Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Week Ahead

We started a special appetizer of mussels using green curry and coconut milk. Wow, this dish really pops. We bought a prepared green curry which is quite good and really matches well with the unbelievably plump mussels we have been getting. So many chefs use these premade products because of there ease. I did the same and for the fact I hadn't really worked with green curry before. I think we will make our own by the end of the week. I like the product we have but it is extremely salty to the palette and tends to overwhelm. I think a more subtle but still spicy green curry will send this dish over the edge.

Halibut season has finally kicked off. Halibut is one of my favorite fish to work with. So versatile in it's uses, but also such a great fish by itself. I think we will keep it a little more simple with the fish this week and really let so early spring ingredients, including the fish, speak for themselves.

This really is great time of year for ingredients as things really begin to grow. Let's hope we can avoid another drought.

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Jon said...

Have to say - diggin' the blog. Wouldn't have tried out Azure before, and I will now.

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