Wednesday, March 19, 2008


The Halibut came in looking beautiful. We also have hit the artichoke season. As we prepare the artichokes I kept mulling around about what to do with them. Being such a nice day thoughts of Spain started to pop into my head and I wondered what how we could incorporate the elements of Spanish cooking I really love so much. I have played around using artichokes for Barigoule and still really liked the idea. Then it all clicked, romesco sauce and vegetable barigoule using our dry cured Spanish chorizo made here in NC.

We are able to buy this stuff from a local Spanish wine purveyor. If you live in the Chapel Hill area you can sometimes find this chorizo at Weaver Street Market or Harris Teeter. For the est of you you can buy it online. Here is the website:

It's all natural and awesome stuff.

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