Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pickled Aparagus

We pickled asparagus in order to offer a cooler version with the warm weather we have been having. Our first attempt we used a 5% brine solution with salt and 5% sugar, tarragon vinegar, tarragon, shallots and fennel seed. It was really surprising the flavor but the salt content was a little too much. We tried again with 3% salt and kept the sugar at 5%. We can't stop eating the asparagus as a snack.

We put it to use on an Eden Farms Berkshire pork chop and truffled mac and cheese. The finished dish:

Grilled Eden Farms Berkshire pork chop, orzo enriched with marscapone, grana padano, and truffle oil and pickled asparagus with sweet vermouth-bourbon thyme jus

What a plate.


Tom Rial said...

The farm families of Eden Farms would like to thank you for using our berkshire pork. As a farmer owned company it means a lot to us!

We love the recipe and would love to post a link to your write up and recipe on our site.

All the best!

Eden Farms

Colin said...

Tom it's an honor and keep up the great work with the pork. Any links would be great.

Chef Colin