Friday, March 21, 2008


I often go through a day and have about 1000 thoughts on food. Can we do this or how about plating this way or that way? How do can I keep these things organized and what are valid and worth keeping? At work we use a dry erase board and we write ideas down as they come to us. Some have been up for a month and other get put into play immediately. The eggs with soy sauce and porcini in the blog below is a good example. Things didn't work out as hoped so we moved on, and tried something new.
But for all of our ideas how do we organize and utilize so many of these ideas? And how do we use them to produce a memorable dining experience without being completely off the charts in what is expected?
I found a video online of Grant Achatz the chef/owner of Alinea in Chicago. Here is a chef in the US who is really working on cutting edge food but still stays true to the idea of taste first, innovation second. I really recommend you watch the video for a real insight into how chefs come up with ideas.

I felt like I was in a little bit of a slump with the long work week. I was a little lost as to where we should go next week with specials, but after watching such a hard working, high end chef go through his process, I felt reassured and went back to the dry erase board. Next week is looking fun!


David said...

Get a decent camera, would ya?

Colin said...

Point Taken. It's in the works.