Saturday, March 29, 2008

On the Fly

We often have a limited amount of time to prepare items especially when certain line cooks fail to prepare their stations for the night. We use a tomato tomato concasse pretty regularly at the restaurant. Not having prepared our concasse for the night and needing some quickly I was reminded about a method I had used before for terrine of tomatoes and shrimp. We actually use our creme brulee torch in order to char the skin of the tomato. It adds a very light almost grilled flavor to the tomato and actually keeps the flesh in better condition than blanching in water because the heat is so extreme. I enjoyed the change so much we are actually using this method for our grilled tuna special.

The tuna is marinated and grilled for a Basque style plate.


Chowbelly said...

I followed your link over from Michael Ruhlman's site. Nice little place you have here! Looking forward to keeping an eye on things. Come visit me at

Posted from Pittsboro btw!!

Anonymous said...

Love your site. You are always trying to burn something aren't you? Cook, create, comment!