Thursday, March 13, 2008

First Time

I am starting this blog too late on a Wednesday and keeping my poor wife up too late but I hope it will help me keep track of my thoughts on food and also help share them with whomever would like. I look forward to posting many of the things my team and I are creating at Azure Grille. Currently, I have been dabbing into hydro colloids but mostly just working on a style of food that is both eclectic and approachable to my clientèle here in Chapel Hill. I have really been searching out new products that I have not worked with before. For example, we received today 15 pounds of Kona Kampachi which is a beautiful ocean farm raised fish from Hawaii. Here is a link to the website of this fisherie: Their Product is extremely nice. This weekend we are butterflying the fish and stuffing it with scallops wrapped in nori. We will serve the dish with a mix of Forbidden and Jasmine rice, A red wine reduction of sorts and julienned sugar sanp beans tossed with tahini dressing. It should be interesting. I look forward to comments and the trading of ideas.

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